The Pompous Pomegranate

Ok, so maybe we’re a sucker for alliteration, but also, the pomegranate should be pompous. Why? Well, those glittering wee jewels of seeds pack a nutritional punch. Pomegranate has vitamin C for collagen (ahem, only the building block of beauty!) and vitamin K for an even skin tone. It has folate, which helps fight gray […]

Aging: A Matter of Framing

Recently we talked about aging gracefully. Now we want to take this a step further, by exploring something we think of as “graceful aging.” Whether or not you enjoy or dread aging is a matter of perspective, which means graceful aging is about how you, personally, frame the concept of aging. Do you recognize and […]

Aging Gracefully

Life is full of “age-appropriate” designations for both the young and the old— from movies, to driver’s licenses, to the legal drinking age, to AARP membership! Did you know that your skin care regimen should also be age-appropriate? As you get older, your body (and your skin!) changes, and so should your skin care regimen. […]

A New Face at Elizabeth Adams MD

We are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Elizabeth Adams, MD team! Meet Emily Trant. Born into an Air Force family, Emily is familiar with a life full of new people and places, but spent the majority of her childhood and high school years in Virginia. A lover of the […]

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues. Collagen provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system, essential for mobility. The intake of collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones and joints. Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids: glycine, […]

Surprising Nutrients for Great Skin

Feeling like your skin needs a little help during these cold winter months but not wanting to get out in the elements? We feel ya! So, we are sharing a little beauty secret …. some of the most common items in your kitchen also offer incredible benefits for your skin. Better skin in the comfort […]

The Key To An Enjoyable Holiday Season? Just Breathe.

The Key To An Enjoyable Holiday Season? Just Breathe. Let’s talk about holiday stress. You’ve probably heard that cortisol is what your body produces in response to stress. Cortisol gets a bad rap, but it’s an important metabolism and inflammation regulator, and it helps you react in a crisis. You know that fight or flight […]

Elizabeth Adams MD December Newsletter

Happy Holidays! We hope that this newsletter finds you merry and bright! In this month’s newsletter, we are bringing you tips on how to stay happy and healthy during the season of overeating and under sleeping. We have also included our favorites in a holiday gift guide. Be sure to check out our giveaway opportunity, too! […]

Baby, it’s cold outside, but you still have to stay hydrated

Baby, it’s cold outside, but you still have to stay hydrated! Importance of winter hydration We touched on hydration in the November newsletter, but we wanted to dive a little bit deeper in today’s blog post. So many of us are not intentional about water consumption (especially during the colder winter months). But we cannot […]

Injectables? Fillers? ‘Tis the Season

Injectables? Fillers? ’Tis the Season They’re fun, they’re joyous, they’re dependable, they’re…anxiety-inducing?! Okay ladies, it’s that time of year. You know what I mean. It’s that time when, in addition to shopping, baking, wrapping and chauffeuring, you have to show up in public. Often. And we’re not talking yoga pants and messy ponytail here. These […]


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