Posts From October, 2018

Express Yourself

In line with our mantra you’re never too old to be young at heart, we are spending a bit of time focusing on ways to bring your inner youth and beauty out. One way that we like to express the inward beauty and appreciate the outward beauty is through art. Many of us do not […]

Age is Just a Number! Tips For Staying Young At Heart

Here at Elizabeth Adam MD, October’s mantra is, “You’re never too old to be young at heart.” But sometimes staying young at heart takes concrete action, especially if you’ve got a lot of years behind you. Here are some of our favorite young-at-heart tips, to ensure the years ahead of you are as fabulous as […]

How Your Face Changes As You Age

We age, and our appearances change. And that’s just how life works. When you were younger (perhaps much younger!) this was an exciting prospect. Every thirteen-year-old wonders what they’ll look like at 17, or 23, or 31. But eventually—and unfortunately—for many of us, aging becomes less exciting. For some of us, the prospect causes dread […]


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