Posts From September, 2018

Easy Beauty Routine

Simple Steps for an Easy Beauty Routine Despite the benefits a new habit may boast, habits can be hard to form. Did you know that on average, it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to turn a new ritual into a routine according to a study published in the European Journal of Social […]

SkinCare Tools

A Quick Overview of SkinCare Tools: Brushes, Rollers, Microneedles & LED Cleansing brushes, jade rollers, microneedles, oh my! Perusing the anti-aging blog-o-sphere can make you feel like Dorothy in Oz. (“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”) So here’s our succinct take on at-home “spa” beauty tools—what you can realistically expect, and what you can […]

Seasonal Skin Care

Transitioning from Summer to Fall When the weather transitions, our skin has to adjust, and sometimes the results aren’t pretty. A sudden drop in humidity can cause dryness, breakouts, and general dullness. You may think, “Breakouts, really? But summer is the oily season!” But breakouts, yes—because the dry air creates layers of dead skin cells […]


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